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" /> My shadow falls over the feeding chair 2012 « Victor Gordon

My shadow falls over the feeding chair 2012

Collage on plywood
Collage on plywood
41 x 32.5 cm

A collaged image of the artist as a young member of the military is situated standing at ease on a leather ottoman which is itself resting on a Victorian armless feeding chair. The connection to the feeding chair is made via the cast shadow and implies that this is what early nurture has moulded the young artist to become. As a young boy growing up in Apartheid South Africa we were prepared from a very young age to serve the fatherland. We looked forward to the adventure of military training and service. Little did I realise the true meaning of the lie propounded in all armies; that they were called defence forces! Even although I was only seventeen at the time it only took a short time to disabuse myself of the myth and become aware of the insane reality of the military and their objectives.